Tampa Bay, Florida Museums

If you want to understand a city, its people, and its culture, exploring the city’s museums are a good place to start. Museums hold cultural and artistic items that a people hold dear and find important to part of their collective identity. With this in mind, if you are looking to understand Tampa Bay as a place, a people, or a culture, you should consider exploring their museums. Luckily there are plenty of museums to explore in Tampa. These include:

#1. Tampa Bay History Center – The Tampa Bay History Center is a 60,000 square feet three-floor center with of temporary and permanent exhibits, showcasing Tampa Bay’s and Florida history spanning over 12,000 years. The center one of the largest in the West Coast was opened in 2009 and focuses mainly on Florida’s history as well as the Gulf Coast. It has interactive and hands-on activities that are kids friendly including interactive theatres and exhibits.

#2. Tampa Museum of Art – This museum is primarily a center for exhibiting contemporary art, opened in 1979 and expanded in 2010, the downtown Tampa museum also exhibits Roman, Greek, Etruscan antiquities. In all, the museum has the 6 exhibits that include No Limits: Janet Biggs, Realism, Syntax, etc.

#3. Tampa Museum of Photographic Arts – Usually referred using its acronym – FMoPA, this museum is located at the heart of the art district along the Tamper Riverwalk. The museum has numerous art pieces on permanent display including works by Harold Edgerton, Dianora Niccolini, Burk Uzzle, Charles Harris, Dorothea Lange, etc.

#4. Museum of Science & Industry (MOSI) – MOSI is a non-profit museum established in 1962. However, the current location of the museum was developed in 1980 and it opened its doors in 1982. The museum was expanded in 1995 with the installation of the IMAX Dome Theatre. However, in 2017 about 85% of the building was closed down to save on cost. The community-based museum is designed to advance public knowledge of science, technology, and industry.

#5. University of South Florida Contemporary Art Museum – This is a museum developed by the University of South Florida within their campus. It opened its doors in 1989 and it mainly exhibits sculptures and graphic designs.

Other museums that should be no anyone’s must-visit list includes the Ybor City Museum, Sulphur Springs Museum and Heritage Center, Henry B. Plant Museum, Cracker County, SS American Victory, and the Glazer Children’s Museum. Visiting a combination of these museums will give you an insight into Tampa and its culture.

Questions To Ask A Potential Real Estate Agent in Tampa Florida

Choosing a good real estate agent can help you succeed in your real estate transaction. However, finding the right real estate agent can be quite a challenge as there are many real estate agents in Tampa Florida.

You can get a good real estate agent by asking people you trust for referrals or by reading reviews from previous customers. Once you have come up with a list of potential real estate agents, contact every agent on your list and set up a time to ask them the following questions:

How long have you been selling real estate?
It is usually good to find out more about the experience of a real estate agent when looking for a good real estate agent. Why? Because real estate is a commission based business and it can be hard for a real estate agent to survive in the real estate industry for years offering poor services. A real estate agent has dealt with many clients and fully understands the real estate industry inside out.

Can you be able to deal with my unique situation?
Some real estate agents deal with first-time homebuyers, others with long-term investors while others deal with house flippers. You will even find a real estate agent who specializes in selling estates.

Therefore, it is a good idea to ensure that you look for a real estate agent who has experience in your unique situation. Find out from potential agents to tell you about unique issues that could arise during the transaction and how they should be handled.

Can you give me at least 3 references?
A real estate agent’s previous clients are usually a good source of information about the agent you want to hire. So, it is a good idea to ask the real estate agent you want to hire for at least 3 references to find out more about the services of the real estate agent and make an informed decision. Ask the references specific open end questions to help you find the information you need.

What is the number of clients you are working with?
This question will help you determine whether the real estate agent you want to hire has enough time for you. It is not a good idea to choose a real estate agent who works with a large number of clients and has no clear plan to remedy the situation.

Why? You will end up being thrown to the wayside by such an agent as he or she has many clients to serve. A good agent will have a team member to help him or her when he or she has to serve several clients.